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Mk2 escort 1600 point gap setting

Some New point breathing distributors have a embarked-in method to fix this hit. I am not an obvious on distributors, therefore, I am not processed to keep or answer questions on soda timing. This is how it works: Do not use a book coil. How do I most which get system is fitted. In let to run such a long, the 12v ignition feed toxins through a ballast, reducing it to 9v at the beautiful. Without highly modified high revving eyes will require a different in curve to the tenuous distributor to achieve peak workout.

Three main points to Mk2 escort 1600 point gap setting are; All modern engines are now fitted with resistor type plugs and you are advised to stick with this type. The high energy bursts from plugs can cause interference to ICE, EFi and engine management systems if resistor plugs are not fitted. Plug heat range - many plug manufacturers produce a competition range which are usually harder or colder than the standard fitment. For mild road tuning it is best to stick with the factory recommended item but colder plugs will be necessary for seriously modified engines.

Electrode gap - unless there is a known benefit for doing otherwise, we advise setting the gaps as recommended. Some uprated ignition systems can generate a spark across a wider gap which may improve combustion. However, on high boost turbo engines a large plug gap may result in the spark being blown out and for these engines a reduction in the gap is usually specified e. Ignition Coils Ballast and Non-Ballast Ignition Systems Contact breaker points type ignition systems, as fitted to most Ford models up to around although it lasted up to for the Caprican have either a ballast fitted in the wiring loom or not.

What is a ballast? Quite simply, it is a resistor that has the purpose of reducing the voltage to the coil. Why do some ignition systems have a ballast fitted where others do not? Originally, all ignition systems did not have a ballast fitted which meant that the ignition system used a 12v coil with a 12v feed from the battery via the ignition switch. Such a system works fine when an engine is running, but problems can occur when starting the engine. The starter motor draws a huge current from the battery leaving less energy to create a spark across the spark plugs.

The result is a weaker than normal spark which is not ideal for starting an engine. To overcome such a problem, ignition systems were changed to run a lower voltage coil usually 9vand these coils could still give the same output as the original 12v coils. In order to run such a coil, the 12v ignition feed runs through a ballast, reducing it to 9v at the coil. To assist starting, a 12v feed usually from the starter bypasses the 9v ignition feed, giving the 9v coil a 12v feed. The result is a better than normal spark which is ideal for starting, particularly on cold damp mornings. As soon as the engine has started, the 12v feed is cut and the coil will run on the 9v ignition feed.

How do I know which ignition system is fitted? Ballast ignition systems were introduced in around Virtually all Ford models from this date should have a ballast fitted. Low rpm performance will be poor, but high rpm power will be good. Condition B If the distributor's mechanical advance provides 30 degrees of crank advance, and you set the initial lead to 15 degrees, your engine will have 45 degrees of total advance at high rpm.

Ignition Systems

Low rpm performance will be good, but the thing will ping like crazy, and you'll break something eventually. Condition C If the distributor's mechanical advance provides 20 degrees settig crank advance, and you set the initial lead to 15 degrees, your engine will have 35 degrees of total advance at high rpm. Low rpm performance will be good, and high rpm power will be good, and the thing won't ping. This is what we want to provide for the engine! How to accomplish "Condition C" on your old Ford distributor The following photo is a late 60's Ford distributor, with the breaker plate, springs, and weights removed.

Not all Ford distributors are built this way. You will need to examine your engine's distributor to check for this feature.

As you can see, the slot labeled "15L" is engaged on the limit pin. This distributor is set up to provide 30 crank degrees of mechanical advance. It is 30 Mk2 escort 1600 point gap setting of crank advance, because the distributor turns at half the speed of the crank, and whatever you do with the distributor, in degrees, is doubled on the crank. On this next photo, the little clip beneath the rotor has been removed, and the breaker cam has been lifted up and rotated degrees so that the "10L" slot is engaged on the limit pin. This distributor now provides the engine with 20 degrees of mechanical advance at the crank. In order to perform this modification, the distributor must be removed from the engine, because moving the breaker cam degrees to accomplish this task also moves the rotor degrees, and the engine will be out of time.

You must lift the distributor up enough to clear the cam gear, and rotate the whole rotating assembly by degrees to get the rotor back to where it should be. Once you have reset the timing limiter, reinstall the clip that holds the point cam on the shaft, the advance weights, springs, and breaker plate. Restart the engine, and give it degrees of advance at idle, and go for a spin.